The Center for Tibetan Qigong-Napa Valley

The Center for Tibetan Qigong-Napa Valley

Our History

In 1995, Master Zi Sheng Wang brought Tibetan Qigong to the West:

“Everyone wants to be happy and healthy.  We all have great untapped potential for self-healing.  Our bodies are infinitely wise and want to be well.  Our hearts want to express the boundless compassion and joy that is our true identity.  Tibetan Qigong offers us a way to bring forth this inborn wisdom and ability.”

~ Master Zi Sheng Wang

Master Wang with Holy Water.

Our teachers were trained by world renowned healer and acclaimed Tibetan Qigong Master Zi Sheng Wang (Chöying Rangdrol) who was directed by his root teacher of 40 years, the venerable Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche (Tuchen Gyatso or Tsultrim Dorje) of the Nyingma lineage, to bring Tibetan Qigong to the West. Master Wang arrived in the U.S. in 1995 and began teaching qigong and training teachers so that Westerners might have the opportunity to benefit from these ancient Buddhist practices.



A blessing ceremony for young lamas, northern Tibet, 2000

A blessing ceremony for young lamas, northern Tibet, 2000

A Path to Healing.

In 2002 classes were first introduced in Napa Valley. Since then many people experienced the power and healing benefits of Tibetan Qigong. Students report that Tibetan Qigong keeps them centered during difficult times, reduces stress, makes their jobs easier, and that chronic pain has disappeared or chronic medical conditions have greatly improved.

The Center for Tibetan Qigong – Napa Valley incorporated in 2008 to become a California nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Our goals are to reduce suffering by promoting the self-healing practices of Tibetan Qigong and to establish a permanent location in Napa Valley for Tibetan Qigong practice and meditation. We will also make donations to Tibetan monasteries to help preserve Tibet’s rich spiritual heritage.

Comments from Students

I have suffered with chronic neck and shoulder pain for the last 12 years. While doing One Finger Zen Still Form spontaneous movements began to occur. There was a loud crack that came from the neck. The neck pain is now gone. I have full mobility in my neck and shoulder girdle. I am pain free for the first time in 12 years. ~ R.B., St. Helena, CA

After being ill with chronic fatigue syndrome & fibromyalgia for over 10 years, I had the good fortune to learn Tibetan Qigong.  My symptoms of severe fatigue, pain, brain fog & insomnia have greatly improved during the four years that I have been doing these practices.  I look & feel better than I have for many years & I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve & maintain good health. ~ B.J., Camarillo, CA

“Six months after surgery for metastasized prostate cancer, I discovered the healing powers of Tibetan Qigong (TQ). Since my initial training class in TQ, I knew there was “something” present in the practice of TQ. I now recognize this “something” as healing energy. TQ continues (uninterrupted for 18 plus months) to be part of my daily routine and life style changes since cancer entered my life.”  ~ T.G., Pope Valley, CA

“I was surprised how simple the Tibetan Qigong practices are and how relaxed and energized I felt after my first lesson.”  ~ J.B., Napa, CA

“Since practicing Tibetan Qigong I have noticed improvements in my eyesight. I can see more clearly at distances and my eyes are more lubricated. I do an intensive form of physical therapy. I have noticed, especially if I do Three Palms Together before a session, greater effectiveness in the work with less effort and fatigue.”  ~ G.B., St. Helena, CA

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