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Kay Luthi

In Memory of Kay Luthi

Kay was a teacher of several martial arts forms, but in 1998 she decided to focus on the self-healing benefits of Tibetan Qigong. She trained for over 10 years with renowned healer and Tibetan Qigong Master Zi Sheng Wang.

In 2008, she helped establish The Center for Tibetan Qigong – Napa Valley where she taught and trained her own students to become teachers of Tibetan Qigong. Through CTQNV she helped bring Buddhist lamas to teach workshops in Napa and the San Francisco Bay Area and provided assistance to Tibetan monasteries. Kay also wrote and published books and DVDs to help spread the healing benefits of Tibetan Qigong and to share the knowledge she received from her dharma teachers.

Although Kay continued to teach until the very end of her life, she lost her battle with cancer on May 12, 2019. She is deeply missed by all who were inspired by her dedication to her students and to the dharma.