The Center for Tibetan Qigong-Napa Valley

The Center for Tibetan Qigong-Napa Valley

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Five Element Stake – The postures & movements in this form accumulate fresh elemental energies from nature & the universe to replace unhealthy qi in the body’s related organ systems. In addition to enabling one to accumulate fresh qi, this qigong balances & strengthens the body down to the cellular level so that self-healing can take place.

One Finger Zen Dynamic Form– The meridians are natural energy pathways for ridding the body of disease & retaining good health. Through nine different movements, this practice gives one the ability to quickly gather energy & clear the meridians of blockages. Taught to the elite Shaolin monks more than 1,000 years ago, Master Wang & his teacher, the highly accomplished Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche, included this practice as part of a strong foundation for Tibetan Qigong because of its long history of effectiveness.

One Finger Zen Still Form – The fingers & toes are like the body’s electrical switches. Moving them activates a healthy flow of energy that balances & adjusts the corresponding organ systems. This rare qigong uses gentle movements to clear blockages, improve circulation & balance energy. Standing, sitting & lying down positions are taught.

Face Massage & Patting Meridians – While practicing qigong a strong energy field is generated. The energetic massage of the face & head recharges the qi field, promotes youthfulness, relaxes & nourishes one’s entire being. Massaging the ears & patting the acupuncture points along the meridians stimulates the internal organs, helps disperse energy blockages, & balances the flow of energy.

Contact information for students of Master Zi Sheng Wang (Chöying Rangdrol) who are currently teaching Tibetan Qigong is listed below.


KAY LUTHI: Professional member National Qigong Association, Level III Advanced Instructor. Author of Tibetan Qigong practice books & DVDs.  Click here 2018 Spring.Summer.TQ.Workshops for Kay’s  new Tibetan Qigong workshop schedule. Visit for free Tibetan Qigong pdf instruction download & YouTube video link. Thank you!

Napa, CA 94558 USA

phone: 707.224.5613



President, The Center for Tibetan Qigong-Napa Valley (a non profit organization,


CHERYL SAGAT: Tibetan Qigong instructor & Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner

Vallejo, CA USA


business phone: 707.552.9106

cell: 510.919.8742 (feel free to call)


WINNIE CHIN: Tibetan Qigong instructor & Traditional Japanese Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Next 3hr Workshop: Saturday, February 25, 2017. Class: ONE FINGER ZEN STILL FORM. Email or call Winnie to pre-register.

San Francisco, CA



cell: 415.269.1212

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