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Welcome to the Center for Tibetan Qigong — Napa Valley

“Everyone wants to be happy and healthy. We all have great untapped potential for self-healing. Our bodies are infinitely wise and want to be well. Our hearts want to express the boundless compassion and joy that is our true identity. Tibetan Qigong offers us a way to bring forth this inborn wisdom and ability.”
— Master Zi Sheng Wang

Khenpo Munsel
Khenpo Munsel (Tuchen Gyatso/Tsultrim Dorje)
Master Wang
Master Zi Sheng Wang (Chöying Rangdrol)

Tibetan Qigong

Thousands of years old, qigong (pronounced chee-gong) acknowledges the infinite wisdom of the body-mind. Through movement and meditation, the foundation practices of Tibetan Qigong can rapidly increase and balance the energies in the body, reduce stress and enhance the immune system. These practices have shown outstanding results for healing disease and building both physical and inner strength. They are also effective as preparation for achievement of high levels of Vajrayana practice.

The basic practices in Tibetan Qigong are easy to learn and well-suited for people at different levels of health and fitness. Some forms can be done effectively while sitting or lying down. The movements are gentle, simple and bring rapid results.